SHAPE Matrix Seating

What you need to know

Advantages to you

Personalised Clinical Assessment

Our seating team of clinical professionals, consisting of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Engineers, are known for their experience and expertise within the field of custom seating.

We aim to design and manufacture SHAPE Matrix Seating Systems to offer maximum comfort and functionality, this is achieved by completing a thorough clinical and environmental assessment.

A physical evaluation is also completed and includes: joint movement and range, sitting balance, alignment and flexibility of the spinal column including the head and neck.

Many other individual practical needs and restrictions are also taken into consideration at this stage, such as skin condition, pain, spasticity, vision, reflexes, eating needs, toileting needs, breathing, transfer methods, communication needs and other factors that affect positioning.

If you believe you would benefit from a custom moulded seat, we can provide a complete service from assessment to delivery. Contact us via the enquiry form or at to book an appointment. Alternatively please contact your Wheelchair Service representative.

Adjustable Contoured Seating

Matrix Seating comprises of interlocking components fitted together to create a custom contoured seating solution.

The nature of the design means that there is potential to adjust the shape of an existing seat in the field and it is also possible to extend the seat or back by adding additional components or alternatively reduce support by removing them.

For additional strength and for interfacing into a wheelchair, Matrix Seating is usually reinforced with a tubular frame.

Customisable Design

Our experienced clinical team, have many years experience working with matrix seating, creating tailored seating solutions for your specific needs. We are able to construct matrix seats with integral areas of flexibility or strength as required by the user.

Matrix seating is often used for individuals that suffer from the effects of over heating or require their seating to adjust over time.

Our clinical staff can maintain your seating over its lifespan, adjusting it to suit your needs as necessary.

All our seats are supplied with 2 sets of fabric covers and a pelvic positioning belt. We have a range of chest harnesses, headrests and footrests. For those that require additional support we offer the ability to custom design any of these components.

The final seat is designed to suit your clinical and environmental needs, we aim to make the seat as compact, stable and secure as possible.

This seat is easy to interface to a number of commonly used wheelbases.

Technical Info

  • Robust seating system tailor made to your physical needs
  • Superb ventilation for users that suffer from excessive heat
  • The ability to grow and adapt the seat over time to suit your needs
  • Potential to reinforce the seat in specific areas for stronger users
  • Potential to add flexibility in the seat to provide a dynamic element
  • Potential to introduce areas of pressure relief
  • Washable padded covers available in a number of fabrics and colours
  • Incontinence resistant covers available
  • Available as a seat only or back only or full body mould
  • Easily interfaced to the most commonly used wheelbases
  • Available with a range of Accessories – Headrests, Harnesses, Footplates

Our Custom Contoured Seats can be fitted to the majority of wheelbases, please view our range of Kids and Adult wheelchairs.

Online Spare Parts Ordering

Online Spare Parts Ordering

Online Spare Parts Ordering

Ottobock offer an online shop for a fast and efficient way of ordering spare parts for a wide range of our mobility products - our Online Spare Parts Catalogue.

Browse our catalogue here.



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