Sturdy and stable

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Sturdy and stable

The Eco-Buggy is designed to make transporting children fast and easy. At the same time, the child stays well positioned. The reinforced upholstery in both the seat and back sections along with a stable, height adjustable footrest assembly and a pelvic strap make the Eco-Buggy especially safe for the child.

Thanks to the back angle adjustment feature, parents or caregivers can easily adjust the child’s seating position. In addition, the foot rest can be parted and folded away. This makes it easier for the child to get in the buggy, with or without help from parents or caregivers.

With its powder-coated aluminum frame, the Eco Buggy is lightweight yet extremely stable. It can carry up to 110 lbs and is also suitable for larger children. Four spring-mounted twin-roller casters and an integrated swivel lock on the front wheels allow the Eco-Buggy to be adapted for a range of applications.

Advantages to you


The buggy is especially maneuverable and easy to push. The front wheel steering can be locked so that the buggy handles well even on uneven surfaces.

Easy to transport, easy to store

After a walk, you can fold the Eco-Buggy to a space-saving size in one easy step and stow it in the car or in your home. The storage compartment located under the seat is automatically folded as well.

Strength without the weight

The buggy is very stable in spite of its low weight. Since it can support loads of up to 50 kilograms, you can also continue to use it as your child grows.

Safe and secure

Reinforced upholstery in the seat and back area, a hip belt, and the stable, height-adjustable foot rest provide safe support for your child.

Ease of use

The Eco-buggy foot rest can be segmented and folded to the side. This means your child can enter the buggy easily or be comfortably lifted into it by you. You can also adjust the back angle in order to change your child’s seating position

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