Kimba buggy

Benefits at a glance

Kimba buggy with seating unit against the direction of travel and with sun canopy.

Tilt Mechanism

This innovative design has the activation lever on the upper frame of the buggy near the push handle, allowing for easy use. This also means just one frame type for use with both the Kimba seat and other seating units.

Detail view of tilt activation mechanism on the Kimba outdoor mobility base.

Recline Adjustment

This push button locking pin has increments of adjustment, which allows easy recline of the seat.

The Ottobock Kimba Home mobility base in use.

Seat Adapter

The latest seat adapter allows for easy of location of the seat unit on the frame after transporting in the boot of a car, or turning the seat around so you can watch your child while in the buggy.

Mira’s mother loading the Kimba buggy into the boot.

Storage Basket

Gives you the ability to have any medical devices required by the child to be placed under the frame without having to have an additional tray fitted. This storage basket gives a more open design to the frame and has a weight limit of 15kg.

Kimba buggy with custom sewn inlay in a tropical pattern.


This ensures a smooth and bump free ride for the child in the buggy, ensuring there is enhanced comfort.

Folding Lock

This is an automatic lock when folding the buggy, and is quick and easy to use when unfolding the buggy in readiness to add the seat.



Kimba Family

Kimba USPs

Kimba Folding Mechanism

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Kimba Canopy

The Kimba Neo canopy protects your child from sun and rain and even comes with a parent viewing panel so you can keep a close eye on them.

Kimba Trays

Our trays are a great way to keep your child engaged with activities and play and come with anchor points to attach their favourite toy. Available in tough clear plastic or opaque, the tray is quick to attach and take off of the buggy and it activates arm extension, making it easier to raise the upper body.

Kimba Storage Bags

Bring it with you! There are lots of options for carrying all you need with the Kimba Neo. Choose from backpack or diaper bag that attach to the upper frame.

Kimba Slip Sack

On the colder days, it’s important to keep your child warm and protected. Our slip sacks are soft and cosy.

Kimba Rain Cover

Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting out and about. With our clear rain cover, your child can be protected from wind and rain and still enjoy their surroundings.


The Kimba Seating Unit

This is the highly supportive seating unit, which can be used on all of the outdoor buggy frames in the Kimba Family.

Kimba Cross

The sport member of the Kimba Family has been designed to handle the slightly rougher terrains with the larger single wheel at the front, also ideal for the parents who like to jog with their children.

Kimba Inline

The Inline buggy has the facility to accommodate two Kimba seating units should there be an occasion where siblings require the similar seating requirements or just the perfect way to go out and about with two children.

Kimba Home

The Home mobility base is designed for indoor use. The seat angle and height can be adjusted in a few - seconds. This will ensure the child can be included in all elements of home life or playing with siblings or friends as an equal.

SHAPE Carved Foam Seating

Should your child have additional seating requirements we also have the facility to produce custom seating. This is made from high quality pressure relieving foam, custom moulded to suit the shape and needs of your child. There is also a choice of a large range of fabrics to personalize your seating system.

SHAPE Moulded Seating

Another option for a custom seating unit if your child requires it is the moulded seat. This has a low profile design but still has optimal support and pressure distribution. You can also have that personalization with a wide choice of fabrics.

Technical data

Technical data Size 1 Size 2
Overall width 595 mm 665 mm
Front/rear wheel diameter 170/280 mm 170/280 mm
Push handle (min./max.) 710–1,160 mm 710–1,160 mm
Folding size without seat (L x W x H) 790 x 595 x 460 mm 790 x 665 x 460 mm
Min. folding size with seat facing forwards (L x W x H) 900 x 595 x 530 mm 970 x 665 x 590 mm
Seat tilt (min./max.) -40° to +10° or -10° to +40° -40° to +10° or -10° to +40°
Weight of outdoor mobility base 10.5 kg 11.5 kg
Weight of seating unit 7.5 kg 9.5 kg
Max. load, seating unit* 40 kg 40 kg
Max. load, storage basket* 15 kg 15 kg
Max. load, outdoor mobility base 55 kg 55 kg

* The maximum permissible overall weight of the user and load in the storage basket is 47.5 kg (size 1) or 45.5 kg (size 2).


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