Kimba Home mobility base

Benefits at a glance

Pneumatic spring lever on the Kimba Home indoor mobility base

Convenient adjustment options

Easy, continuous adjustment of the seat tilt and height via pneumatic springs.

Various seat heights of the Ottobock Kimba Home mobility base.

Seat height

The adapter height of the seating unit can be easily adjusted from a depth of 19 cm to a height of 56 cm. This ensures the child is perfectly integrated and can always interact as an equal – whether they’re playing on the floor or eating at a table.

Close-up of push bar including adjustment lever on Kimba Home

Push bar including seat tilt adjustment

The lever for adjusting the seat tilt can be optionally mounted directly on the push bar. This makes handling significantly easier for the attendant.

Close-up of Kimba Home seat adapter

Kimba seat adapter

The Kimba Home comes with the Kimba seat adapter. This means the seating unit attached here can be used on all the other familiar products from the Kimba product line.

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