Kimba Cross outdoor mobility base

Benefits at a glance

Kimba Cross standard model

Standard model

  • Height-adjustable push bar
  • Can be combined with various seating solutions
  • Rigidly mounted 16" front wheel with pneumatic tyre, includes splash guard
  • 18" rear wheels with pneumatic tyres
  • Drum brake
  • Elastomer suspension system

Kimba Cross additional options

Additional options

  • 12" caster wheel with quick-lock attachment
  • Clothing guard
  • Spoke protector
  • Anti-tipper
  • “Techno” buggy board
  • Storage bag
  • Bicycle adapter: conversion to bicycle trailer (with the bicycle adapter, the Kimba Cross is particularly well-suited for cycling trips in groups and with family)


  • Can the buggy be used in transport?

    Both the kimba cross and inline are not crash tested bases. The seats can be removed and the back folded down to reduce the amount of space that is required in the vehicle. The seat is crash tested if this is fitted to a kimba neo base.

  • Can I get funding for a buggy?

    The kimba buggy is on the NHS framework and therefore is able to be accessed through your local NHS wheelchair service providing that your child meets the criteria. Alternatively national and/or local charity funding is often available for postural buggies. If you would like an assessment with a buggy and to discuss options then please contact us so we can connect you with a local dealer. Our dealers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be able to help you with regards to funding streams.

  • Does the seat allow for growth?

    The kimba is available with two sizes of seat, each with lots of growth. This enables the child to use the chair for a number of years. Both sizes of seat can be adjusted without the need for additional parts as well as the seat sizes overlapping. For further details of seat sizes please see the technical data tab within the kimba page.

  • How can I purchase accessories for my child’s kimba?

    You can purchase a range of accessories for your child’s kimba through any of our dealers. If you are not sure who your nearest dealer is then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Technical information

Characteristics Value
Width 660 mm
Length 1400–1700 mm
Height 750–1200 mm
Push handle height 760–1140 mm
Seat tilt -5° to +30°
Folding size (L x W x H) 860/940 mm × 600 mm × 320/360 mm
Wheel diameter front/rear 400 or 300/450 mm
Max. user weight 50 kg
Weight 15.8 kg


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