Kimba Neo kid's buggy

The Kimba Neo kid's buggy is available via your NHS Wheelchair Service

Benefits at a glance

Setting the Kimba Neo to the rest position

Fast adjusting to the rest position

With the seat tilt mechanism, you can tip the seat to various positions: the rest position relieves strain on your child’s spine and the active position activates the muscles in the torso. Even though you can switch between the active and rest positions with ease, all original settings are retained.

Reclining position of the Kimba Neo

Reclining position

The Kimba Neo Seat can be fully reclined for sleeping or changing, meaning minimal disruption for the child.

Changing the child’s line of vision in the Kimba Neo

Changing the line of vision

We know every day is different so whether your child wants to face out to see the world around them, or for peace of mind they need to face you, the Kimba seat can be forward or parent facing.

Padding of the Kimba Neo

Padding: Bright, Soft and just right for children

The new pads of the Kimba Neo not only look eye catching, but also fulfil a therapeutic function. They stabilise your child exactly where support is needed and come in four bright colours – perfect for representing your child’s individual personality.

What’s special about me

Padding of the Kimba Neo

Soft, comfortable and secure

Comfortable and soft, the padding material supports the spine and supports the spine and helps prevent curvature. Adjustable lateral supports at the hips, thighs and if necessary, the head to ensure even better stability.

Seat of the Kimba Neo.

Always sitting

The seat adapts to the child’s therapy goals. Not only the height, width and depth of the seat can be individually adjusted, but the head and lateral supports as well. Even the seat and foot angle can be precisely adapted to your child’s needs.

Suspension of the Kimba Neo

Soft suspension

The soft suspension means that the driving characteristics and handling are smoother and the buggy is easier to steer - even on rough terrain, meaning your child remains comfortable with minimum disturbance.

How to

How to tilt and recline the Kimba buggy

This video shows you how to tilt and recline the kimba buggy

How to turn the Kimba seat

How to turn the seat around in the Kimba buggy

This video shows you how to turn the seat of the Kimba buggy.

How to fold the Kimba buggy

This video shows you how to fold the Kimba buggy for easy storage.

Easy adjustment of the push bar on the Kimba Neo

Push bar adjustable to your size

You can easily adjust the push bar to your own size: Simply press the buttons on the hinge mechanism and pull the bar to the desired height.

How to transport the Kimba buggy

This video shows you how to easily transport the Kimba buggy.

Removing and turning the seat on the Kimba Neo

Removing and turning the seat

The seat can be removed without tools. Just open the mount and lift the seat out. Turn it once and put it back with the child facing you.

Quick folding of the Kimba Neo

Quickly folding up the buggy

The Kimba Neo is easy to store: Simply release the latch and fold the buggy with one hand. Then just put it in the boot. The seat stays on the mobility base.

Swivel lock of the Kimba Neo

Swivel lock

Especially useful on rough terrain: the swivel lock

Push the lock forward with your hand or foot. The caster wheel will automatically click into place. To release, just push back the swivel lock.

Adjusting the seat tilt of the Kimba Neo

How to adjust the seat tilt

Turn the upper rotary handle on the back support to the right, then tilt the seat into the position that is currently needed by your child. Let go of the rotary handle to fix the position. All other settings are retained. Your child relaxes and strain on the spinal column is relieved.

Adjusting the back support angle on the Kimba Neo

How to adjust the back angle

Loosen the lower screw (turn to the left) until the back support can be moved freely. Adjust the back support as desired and retighten the screw.

Engaging the wheel lock on the Kimba Neo

Engaging the brake

The wheel lock should be engaged when putting your child in or taking them out. Step on the wheel lock arm and the Kimba Neo will remain stationary.


Kimba Neo Canopy

Kimba Neo Canopy

The Kimba Neo canopy protects your child from sun and rain and even comes with a parent viewing panel so you can keep a close eye on them.

Kimba Neo Trays

Kimba Neo Trays

Our trays are a great way to keep your child engaged with activities and play and come with anchor points to attach their favourite toy. Available in a tough clear plastic - or opaque, the tray is quick to attach and take off of the buggy and it activates arm extension, making it easier to raise the upper body.

Kimba Neo Storage bags

Kimba Neo Storage bags

Bring it with you! There are lots of options for carrying all you need with the Kimba Neo. Choose from a backpack or diaper bag that attach to the upper frame, or a storage bag that sits below.

Kimba Neo Slip Sack

On the colder days, its important to keep your child warm and protected. Our slip sacks are soft and cosy and come in a colour to match the rest of your chair.

Kimba Neo Rain cover

Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting out and about. With our clear rain cover, your child can be protected from wind and rain and still enjoy their surroundings.


  • How can I purchase accessories for my child’s kimba?

    You can purchase a range of accessories for your child’s kimba through any of our dealers. If you are not sure who your nearest dealer is then please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • My child has lots of medical equipment. Can this be accommodated for?

    The kimba neo base has different options with regards to the capacity for medical equipment. A tray is available for the kimba base that can carry lots of equipment and is easily removable to enable you to fold the buggy. If your child has specific needs then please do not hesitate to contact us as many special constructions are available.

  • Can the kimba be used in transport?

    The kimba neo is crash tested and is able to be tied down in a vehicle with the correct straps as specified in the below document. The main things to bear in mind is that the seat must be forward facing. The buggy can also be folded down to fit into a car boot. There are videos explaining this under the ‘how to’ section of the kimba page.

  • Does the seat allow for growth?

    The kimba is available with two sizes of seat, each with lots of growth. This enables the child to use the chair for a number of years. Both sizes of seat can be adjusted without the need for additional parts as well as the seat sizes overlapping. For further details of seat sizes please see the technical data tab within the kimba page.

  • Can I get funding for a buggy?

    The kimba buggy is on the NHS framework and therefore is able to be accessed through your local NHS wheelchair service providing that your child meets the criteria. Alternatively national and/or local charity funding is often available for postural buggies. If you would like an assessment with a buggy and to discuss options then please contact us so we can connect you with a local dealer. Our dealers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and will be able to help you with regards to funding streams.

Technical data

Technical data Size 1 Size 2
Age 1–6 years 4–10 years
Max. user weight 40 kg 40 kg
Seat depth with seat depth reduction from 140 mm 190–310 mm 240–400 mm
Seat width (min./max.) 200–300 mm 260–350 mm
Lower leg length (min./max.) 190–310 mm 200–370 mm
Lower leg length, shortened (optional) from 140 mm 140 mm
Back support height/inclination 410–610 mm 560–700 mm
Back support, shortened (MPS) 315–455 mm 390–560 mm
Back support angle 80° to 180° 80° to 180°
Folding size (L x W x H) 580 x 370 x 420 mm 590 x 430 x 580 mm
Weight 7 kg 8.5 kg



Kimba Neo kid's buggy

The Kimba combines maximum functionality while meeting the highest aesthetic criteria and offering numerous individual settings.

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