Whatever your plans are, the B400 is the ideal companion. Thanks to its compact design, it allows you to easily master everyday challenges – at home, shopping or in the restaurant.

What you need to know

Advantages to you

Compact design

The B400 kids features a compact design with an overall width of 58 cm. Thus it can easily pass through narrow doorways. The low seat height of 40 cm allows the user to manoeuvre the wheelchair under tables and workstations with no problems. The compact construction is the greatest advantage of the B400.

Superior suspension

The new standard suspension on the drive unit provides additional comfort on long journeys.

Small and versatile

The small, versatile B400 is ideal for everyday use. It features a long-proven technology and outstanding quality.

Technical info

Top speed 6 km / h, 7.2 km/h or 10 km/h

Battery capacity 50Ah (C5) AGM batteries/63Ah (C5) gel batteries

Range 25/35 km

Battery charge time max. 10 h

User weight 140 kg

Net weight 95 kg

Max. obstacle negotiation height 5 cm/10 cm (with curb climbing assist)

Climbing ability 12 %

Width 58 cm

Length including footplates 106 cm

Turning radius 80 cm

Seat height 40–57 cm

Seat width 38–48 cm

Seat depth 36–50 cm

Seat inclination 0° / 3° / 6°

Armrest height 24–36 cm

Arm pad length 26 cm

Back height 45/55 cm

Back width 40/44 cm

Back angles -9° / 1° / 11° / 21° or 0° / 10° / 20° / 30°

Lower leg length 25–49 cm (standard seat), 28–54 cm (contoured seat)

Frame colour cream or black

Control unit VR2


The B400 has an additional drive unit suspension which in combination with 50Ah AGM batteries is a standard feature. This allows users to travel long distances even on rough terrain in comfort. Another advantage for outdoor use: the B400 comes with an optional 10 km/h feature.


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