Mishael Akpan - Aquos Cushion

Highly experienced physiotherapist finally discovers the ‘perfect’ wheelchair cushion, after 20 years of treating wheelchair patients

Mishael Akpan, a Clinical Services Manager and Physiotherapist with over 20 years’ experience in the field of wheelchairs has come across numerous wheelchair cushions and tested many of them on his patients. After being introduced to the Aquos Cushion by Ottobock, Mishael’s first step was to try it himself; “My first thought was that here is just another cushion,” said Mishael Akpan. “My principle is that for any cushion I prescribe, I try it myself first. When I sat on the Aquos cushion my first reaction was how immediately comfortable it was”.

Having been pleased with his personal experience, Mishael tried the Aquos cushion on one of his younger patients who had tested many cushions in the past. The patient had very prominent Ischial Tuberosities and struggled to find comfort for longer than two hours on previously tested cushions.

“After pressure mapping the patient on the Ottobock Aquos cushion, the resulting pressure distribution looked great and after 20 minutes, there were no high pressure readings”, says Mishael. During an outdoor assessment, the client mentioned that with all other cushions he had tried on rough terrain, he had felt discomfort, however with the Aquos cushion; he experienced a bouncing sensation resulting in zero discomfort.

As a matter of course, Mishael remains in contact with his patients to ensure the prescribed cushion isn’t causing any discomfort. “With previous cushions, he would telephone me one to two days after the cushion was issued. Three weeks later I called the client and was told the cushion was ‘perfect’”, comments Mishael.

Over the past twelve months, Mishael has prescribed the Ottobock cushion to many of his clients and is delighted with the levels of success in minimising discomfort and the effective pressure-redistribution.

The Aquos cushion is a stable, lightweight cushion and significantly reduces the shear forces through the use of LiquiCells®. These extremely thin cells are incorporated directly in the cover, preventing not only rapid wear and tear, but also skin irritation and pressure sores. The combination of unique rest suspension foam and ultra-thin LiquiCell packets provides ideal skin protection and positioning for those with moderate to high risk of skin breakdown.