Paula Moulton - Ottobock Ventus

Paula Moulton became reliant on a wheelchair when complications after pneumonia and MRSA left her with damage to her pelvis. An impromptu dance lesson however set her on a course which has changed her life – and attitude to disability.

You may recognise Paula Moulton as one half of Strictly Wheels, a wheelchair dancing couple, who compete for Team GB at IPC Level, or from her appearance on Britain’s Got Talent – where they went on to become semi-finalists. Paula has started using an Ottobock Ventus wheelchair as her daily use chair, which has been designed to keep up with her active lifestyle.

“It’s amazing the difference a wheelchair can make”, explains Paula Moulton. “The Ventus is designed by German manufacturers Ottobock and its light, manoeuvrable frame is comfortable for everyday use. Since using the Ventus I’m sitting better, more comfortable in my chair and I’m more independent because of it.”

“I often struggle with spasms, but after a whole day in this chair, this has reduced. I also noticed I use less energy, which is so important for me to have in a wheelchair. “I’m so pleased with my custom-built Ventus, I would recommend it as a daily use chair and one that I could have a dance in on a night out with friends.”

Paula wants to raise awareness about the benefit of being active. Her advice to others: “To be active in a wheelchair doesn’t mean you have to tumble on a rugby pitch or sprint for a basketball. There are plenty of sports out there that can keep your body fit and your mind active. Participating in sports such as wheelchair dancing can really help you build confidence – as well as fitness and strength of mind and with the right mind set you can achieve more than you ever thought possible.”

Ottobock Venus - everyday rigid-frame wheelchair for active users

The Ottobock Ventus is a custom-made rigid-frame wheelchair designed for stability and reliability. Its compact design offers a bespoke solution for active and everyday users. With numerous adjustable components, including the seat and 14 colours to add personality, the Ventus can be tailored to meet the needs of individuals giving anybody the opportunity to drive a lightweight aluminium rigid-frame wheelchair.

The frame of the Ventus effectively transfers power from the chassis to the street, making it suitable for everyday use and challenging situations. The frame, footrests and side panels are built from ultra-light aluminium, helping to keep weight to a minimum at approximately 8kg. Individuals looking to independently transport the wheelchair will also benefit from its ability to be folded into a compact package. The Ventus, which sets a new benchmark for wheelchair design, has gone through meticulous testing by users of all age groups, in different regions and living situations.

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