Wheelchair Accessories

Wheelchair Cushions

All specialist wheelchair cushions should be selected based on a prioritised combination of individual requirements.

Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair backrests

Ergonomically shaped rigid back shell for guaranteed high stability, the Baxx Line of wheelchair backrests have large openings for a lower weight and easy, effortless handling. Various heights and contours permit individual adaptation to your needs and requirements.

Wheelchair Backrests

Hand pads

Your individual positioning needs will be met by one of the fours styles of hand pads available:

• palm extensor modular pad

• modular flat hand pad

• horn type modular pad

• cone type modular pad

All are designed to work with a variety of arm rests.

Hand Pads


Wheelchair headrests from Ottobock.


Channel forearm pads

Available in four sizes, the channel forearm pad can provide functional support if you have upper extremity weakness or paralysis. The channel forearm pad can be mounted directly on the armrest of the Start M2 Effect, and is designed for use with different styles of hand pads.

Channel Forearm Pads

Headrest hardware

NUTEC and Ottobock provide multiple headrest hardware options sure to match your individual needs.

Headrest Hardware