Headrest hardware

Headrest hardware of a Start M5 and M2 wheelchair

NUTEC and Ottobock provide multiple headrest hardware options sure to match your individual needs:

  • NUTEC durable Rock-n-Lock hardware fits all pad styles and positions up to 5˝ off midline. Dynamic option available.
  • NUTEC Double L-Bracket allows vertical adjustment and up to 5˝ of anterior/posterior adjustment.
  • NUTEC heavy duty Depth-Adjustable Bracket allows adjustment in 3 directions: to 5˝ Vertical, to 7˝ anterior/posterior, to 30° flexion/extension.
  • NUTEC Flip Down Headrest Bracket, bracket has a hinge mechanism that allows the pad and top half of the bracket to flip down
  • Ottobock Goose-Neck style hardware offers flexible positioning
  • Ottobock Multi Axis hardware, straigh,t delivers durable, consistent support
  • Ottobock Multi Axis hardware, offset, delivers adjustable positioning

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