Wheelchair cushions

Clinical Seating Molecule

Clinical Seating Molecule

We believe every wheelchair user has a unique combination of requirements and priorities necessitating tailored wheelchair seating solutions, often using a combination of different wheelchair and seating products.

Good wheelchair seating should consider each individual‘s unique combination of requirements in order to optimise comfort, health and functional independence. The clinical seating molecule is a visual representation of the most critical design features which should be identified and prioritised in order to select the optimal seating solution.

All specialist wheelchair cushions should be selected based on a prioritised combination of individual requirements.

Wheelchair Cushions

Terra Cushion

The super lightweight Terra cushion utilizes an innovative rest suspension foam developed by and exclusively available through Ottobock. Weighing less than two pounds, the Terra offers you long term durability and improved comfort.

  • Anatomically moulded profile: – Ischial loading area
  • Water-resistant multistretch Dartex outer cover
  • Max user weight 150kg

Terra Aquos

The Aquos cushion is a stable, lightweight cushion that won't bottom out. Combining unique rest suspension foam and ultra-thin LiquiCell packets, this cushion will provide skin protection and positioning if you have moderate to high risk of skin breakdown.

  • Anatomically moulded profile
  • Water-resistant multistretch Dartex outer cover
  • Max user weight: 150kg

Terra Flair

Constructed of Ottobock Rest Suspension foam (technology available only from Ottobock) the Terra Flair is elastically modified for excellent pressure redistribution, with improved impact damping compared to standard foams

  • More consistent performance over time
  • Anatomically moulded profile
  • Water-resistant multistretch
  • Max user weight: 150kg

Cloud Cushion

The Cloud Cushion offers excellent pressure redistribution over bony prominences, including trochanters for those at high risk of pressure ulcers. Individual Floam cells ensure a high level of stability, e.g. for transfers and easy adjustment for postural deformity, e.g. pelvic obliquity.

  • Users at risk of decubitus (elderly & neurological)
  • Users requiring shear protection
  • Postural deformity
  • Max user weight: 250kg
  • Available in sizes 300 x 300 mm (9 Floam cells) to 580 x 400 mm (30 Floam cells)

Evo Flair

The Evoflair cushion is a triple layer cushion with a hyper-elastic triple layer foam core. The upper layer of the cushion is made with Geltouch foam, with its cooling properties. This helps to reduce surface temperature, and helps to decrease the risk of tissue breakdown due to managing microclimate conditions.

  • Lightweight at only 1.1kg
  • Extremely high pressure redistribution rating
  • Excellent microclimate control, postural stabilisation and shock absorption



Wheelchair Cushions

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