Wolturnus Antaras

Safe and adjustable for children and young people

An adjustable hand bike for children and young people with many opportunities for the young athlete in need of continuous changes in the sitting position.

Antaras Junior is a hand bike for children and young people, providing a lot of good experiences, exercise and fun with friends and family.

The hand bike has adjustable seat depth and leg length, thus accommodating the changing child's changing needs. You can also choose between sitting or lying driving position.

As standard, Antaras Junior has adjustable strap seat and strap hook, which makes it possible to adjust the seating position down to the last millimeter.

The cover is breathable and comfortable to sit on.

The frame consists of 7020 aluminum, which helps keep the total weight of the hand bike down to about 12 kg depending on the equipment.

By default, four different anodized colors and eight powder varnishes can be selected. If the standard colors do not fall into the rider's taste, it is often possible to choose special colors for the hand bike.