Wolturnus Fat Bike

For outdoor sports in all kinds of weather and on all surfaces

With Fatbike, hand bike enthusiasts get completely new opportunities for unfolding on all kinds of surfaces, and whatever the weather forecast says.

This hand bike has extra-large tires ideal for driving on unstable surfaces such as snow, gravel, sand or mud.

Fatbike is intended for off-road driving and has adjustable seat and back. It makes it easy to adapt the hand bike to the rider's individual needs. In order to ensure a comfortable and healthy sitting position, Fatbike is also equipped with Wing Back ILSA, Wolturnus' patented back system, which is both multi-adjustable, lightweight and provides optimal support while driving on the uneven surface.

Fatbike has both hand pedals and motor, which gives the hand bike the characteristics of an electric bike. Fatbike is equipped with a 250 W motor that can drive up to 60 km on one charge and add about 8 kg to the total weight of the hand bike.

Fatbike has elevated clearance of 20 cm and 26 ”front wheels and 20” drive wheels. The hand bike is manufactured in 7020 aluminum, which makes it both extremely solid and lightweight.

Fatbike has powerful disc brakes both front and rear and a gear system with 11 gears. This makes Fatbike perfect for practitioners of all levels.