Wolturnus W5

Strong and stable for an active life

W5 is designed for an active life. This light, robust rigid wheelchair has the optimum strength-to-weight ratio and therefore makes optimum use of your energy.

W5 is available in both a fully welded and adjustable model. The fully welded model has no moving parts and fully welded backrest and rear axle. It is extremely rigid and robust, which means that all your energy is harnessed for propulsion.

With the W5 adjustable model you can continually adapt the seating position and wheelchair set-up to suit your requirements and wishes. Adaptable features include an adjustable balance point; angle and height-adjustable back; and angle and height-adjustable footrests.

The frame form, folding back, detachable side panels and rear wheel with quick-release axles ensure that it is easy to stow in a car.